Dang Cold

Cold temps are a mix of good and bad. The good s many species salt or freshwater kick off with cold snaps. Crappie, flounder, trout, sheepshead and largemouth bass change their ways too. The catch is it can’t get too cold! Winter bass is best around 65 degree water temp. This is good for crappie as well. Last week water temps in the area got down to 51 and the bite was just awful! I have no problem letting you know not all trips are full of big fish and endless hook sets. We all know there are days that just stink! No one hates it more than your guide. Temps look like they are going to be stable and the weather seems good for the next week. The Rodman draw down is coming to a close soon. Book your trips before March or there is no good way to get on the water.

Captain Chris Davy

It’s Cold!

The cold snap last week jacked up the bass fishing! Not only howling wind but the sustained dive in temperatures for 3 days lowered water temps fast to in most places to 51 degrees. This of course shut the bass down. Good news is the temps will rise and crappie go off! The forecast is steady next week and should produce great catches.


Winter brings a few different species into the mix and strategy for fish to target. The sheepshead have started showing up and the black drum fishing should be more and more productive. The most common method to find sheepshead is to fish bridge pilings.

If you plan to fish the bridges bring a flathead shovel! Scraping the barnacles and shells from the structure creates the perfect chum. The most common bait is fiddler crabs but, shrimp will work as well. Prepare to go through a lot of bait. These fish have small mouths with crushing teeth. This makes for a challenging hook up. You may miss the same fish 2 or 3 times before being able to actually hook up. Just deal with it.I scale down my hook size like I’m I’m fishing for bionic brim. Small 2X or 4X hooks. Other places to find sheepshead are big shell banks or off oyster bars. The table fair is very good but, can be some work at the cleaning station.

Christmas Gift Certificates

Hey folks! Any gift certificate purchased between now and Christmas 2019 will receive a 15% discount off fishing rates! The certificates do not expire! Money doesn’t expire right? Discount is on rates only for standard 3 person trips. Freshwater bait not included or freshwater fishing licenses. Additional anglers after 3 is at standard $50 rate but, can be added at time of booking. Certificates are not refundable! Dates available are based on schedule availability! Call for any questions or details. Use it now or save for your favorite time of year!

Winter Bass in Florida

Bass fishing in Florida no matter where, is at its best from now to Easter. This is when you will have your best opportunity to catch that “personal best” or fish of a lifetime. I know a lot of you purests don’t want to hear it but, the big girls, 8lbs plus want BIG wild shiners. Rodman Reservoir is a challenging bite on artificial vs. natural wild bite anytime of year but winter is even more difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I know for some they would rather accept the challenge of catching that MONSTER on artificial. Either way take some wild shiners just cuz. If I have an “artificial only” trip I still have at least a dozen in the bait well. You have to book your triops in advance for a few reasons. First off all guides get booked well in advance for this mega time of year, many customers book the following years trip while on the water with their favorite guide. The state is flooded with others wanting to get after this fantastic resource. The pressure is also put on the bait guys. The guides are placing reservations for bait weeks if not months in advanced, it’s not first come first served! There is tremendous pressure to supply bait for the huge demand. If you think you can get bait for a last minute trip you will be using domestics and they just don’t work near as well. Sometimes they aren’t available last minute. No matter what guide you use give them enough time to get you set up for the fish of a lifetime.

Rodman Reservoir Bass

Every few years the State of Florida draws down Rodman Reservoir to reduce aquatic plants that can impede bedding for the legendary bass on this incredible resource. It is now that time. If you can imagine taking 9500 acres of prime bass country and shrinking it down by about 11 feet with all those fish concentrated into a small pool. Yee haw! It comes with access challenges on temporary ramps and angler congestion as well. This is the best time for that personal best or trip of a lifetime.