The Captain

I grew up in Nashville TN before it was cool. As a kid we fished every pond and creek within 20 miles of my house, often by horseback . Certainly different times but the passion for finding fish never changes.  Then it was smallmouth and largemouth bass, rainbow and brown trout along with crappie and catfish.

As I got older all of 14-15 I fished on a boat called the Honey Chile in Sarasota /Longboat Key Florida and that was all it took . It was there I learned the pursuit of “big fish”. I knew then when I was old enough I was heading to Florida to live and fish. I always wanted to be a Professional fisherman and in the mid 90’s began tournament fishing for kingfish. The adventure took on a life of its own and by 2012 I started hosting the Southern Sportsman Radio Show in Flagler County and did so for 8 years. As fishing and being a Guide/Captain became my life the real reason I do it, and love it, is to be a special part of other people’s lives. I can give people memories they will talk about forever and so I will live in those special moments and pictures. It’s never been about the money because there isn’t much. It’s about living free and sharing my passion and love for fishing with others. A priceless occupation.  

Captain Chris Davy