Dang Cold

Cold temps are a mix of good and bad. The good s many species salt or freshwater kick off with cold snaps. Crappie, flounder, trout, sheepshead and largemouth bass change their ways too. The catch is it can’t get too cold! Winter bass is best around 65 degree water temp. This is good for crappie as well. Last week water temps in the area got down to 51 and the bite was just awful! I have no problem letting you know not all trips are full of big fish and endless hook sets. We all know there are days that just stink! No one hates it more than your guide. Temps look like they are going to be stable and the weather seems good for the next week. The Rodman draw down is coming to a close soon. Book your trips before March or there is no good way to get on the water.

Captain Chris Davy

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