Winter brings a few different species into the mix and strategy for fish to target. The sheepshead have started showing up and the black drum fishing should be more and more productive. The most common method to find sheepshead is to fish bridge pilings.

If you plan to fish the bridges bring a flathead shovel! Scraping the barnacles and shells from the structure creates the perfect chum. The most common bait is fiddler crabs but, shrimp will work as well. Prepare to go through a lot of bait. These fish have small mouths with crushing teeth. This makes for a challenging hook up. You may miss the same fish 2 or 3 times before being able to actually hook up. Just deal with it.I scale down my hook size like I’m I’m fishing for bionic brim. Small 2X or 4X hooks. Other places to find sheepshead are big shell banks or off oyster bars. The table fair is very good but, can be some work at the cleaning station.

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