Winter Bass in Florida

Bass fishing in Florida no matter where, is at its best from now to Easter. This is when you will have your best opportunity to catch that “personal best” or fish of a lifetime. I know a lot of you purests don’t want to hear it but, the big girls, 8lbs plus want BIG wild shiners. Rodman Reservoir is a challenging bite on artificial vs. natural wild bite anytime of year but winter is even more difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I know for some they would rather accept the challenge of catching that MONSTER on artificial. Either way take some wild shiners just cuz. If I have an “artificial only” trip I still have at least a dozen in the bait well. You have to book your triops in advance for a few reasons. First off all guides get booked well in advance for this mega time of year, many customers book the following years trip while on the water with their favorite guide. The state is flooded with others wanting to get after this fantastic resource. The pressure is also put on the bait guys. The guides are placing reservations for bait weeks if not months in advanced, it’s not first come first served! There is tremendous pressure to supply bait for the huge demand. If you think you can get bait for a last minute trip you will be using domestics and they just don’t work near as well. Sometimes they aren’t available last minute. No matter what guide you use give them enough time to get you set up for the fish of a lifetime.

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